Fun Online Games for the Office

Fun Online Games for the Office

If you want to get your office humming with fun and games, you can find many great options online. Try Coworker Feud, Five Clicks Away, Water Cooler Trivia, or the virtual arcade, which offers prizes and makes playing office games even more fun. If you’re looking for something different, you can even find games that require teamwork! Online office games are fun for all ages, and you’ll likely find something everyone will enjoy playing.

Coworker Feud

The Coworker Feud online game is a fun way to bring people together in the office and foster teamwork. Participants can choose from pre-made questions or create their own by surveying the office or the whole company. They can compete for points and try to guess the correct answer. The game is great for icebreakers, team building events, and even virtual retreats.

The game also includes an interesting twist: teams of players compete to win points by having their teams answer the questions correctly. Each player is assigned a topic and will have a limited amount of time to come up with the correct answers. The team that guesses the most correct answers wins.

Five Clicks Away

Whether you’re a seasoned player of online games or just looking for a fun new way to kill time in the office, Five Clicks Away can make the workday a breeze. In this free online game, your objective is to reach the end point of a chain of internal Wikipedia links in five clicks. In the early stages, the game is extremely challenging, but as you get the hang of it, idn poker you’ll quickly find that it’s no problem.

Five Clicks Away is a fun way to bond with colleagues by testing your team’s research skills. In this team-building game, you’ll have to connect two Wikipedia pages using only five clicks. To play the game, choose two topics with no commonality and use Wikipedia’s internal links to get to the other page. This is a great way to educate your team about obscure topics while honing their research skills.

Words with Friends

If you’re looking for ways to improve your strategic thinking skills, Words With Friends can be a great solution. This online word game has many benefits, including helping you build up your vocabulary. While Words With Friends is similar to Scrabble, the game features a few differences, including a different bonus square system and a different point distribution.

Words With Friends is available on various mobile platforms, including iPhone and Android. This social game allows players to challenge their Facebook friends and gain points for their achievements. The game also allows players to create a username and includes a simple chat area for chatting with others.

Alice Escapes Wonderland

If your office is looking for a fun way to kill time, you should try playing Alice Escapes Wonderland. This engaging virtual event challenges teams to work together and solve puzzles while trying to uncover the mystery of who stole Alice’s mirror. It’s sure to keep everyone interested and amused for two to three hours.

The game is perfect for any workplace, school, or team-building event. The players move from room to room looking for clues. The game also makes a great gift!


Whether you need a little teambuilding or some fun time with your colleagues, we’ve got it all. Werewolf is a fun game that builds teamwork and relationships in a work environment. The game takes place during the night, when certain players secretly perform special actions while others sleep. Players alternate between the two phases, and the last player to remain alive is declared the winner.

To play, you’ll need a team of at least seven people. One person should have a Zoom subscription, and another should have the free plan. Then, everyone else can play Werewolf online together.

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